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"Shut up!"
"Please, talk to me."
"I have no idea…"
"I know what this is!"
"Why did you do that?"
"How could you do this?"
"Let me do it!"
"Leave me alone."
"Don’t leave me."
"Kiss me."
"Don’t touch me."
"Why weren’t you there?"
"Why are you here?"
"What are you doing?"
"Don’t look!"
"Just look at it!"
"How did you get in here?"
"How did you escape?"
"Help me."
"I want to help you."
"You’re a monster!"
"You’re not a monster!"


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Guess my character’s romantic weaknesses.

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And here I thought I’d received an actual ask.



movies with cool concepts but poor execution in writing


I’m hungry but there’s nothing around to eat.

Wooooooow, this totally sucks dudes.

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Creepy Killer Sentence Meme


  • "I am going to kill you slowly."
  • "I am so into you right now…"
  • "I know what this looks like…"
  • "I wasn’t feeling particularly murderous but you have suddenly changed my mood."
  • "No. No, no, no, no…"
  • "Please don’t kill _______."
  • "Please don’t kill me."
  • "Red would be a fabulous color for you."
  • "That’s creepy."
  • "Who did you kill?”
  • "Who do I have to kill to get a drink in this place?"
  • "You cheated on me with who?”
  • "You didn’t eat it, did you?"
  • "You have to make a decision."
  • "You’re lucky, I’m in a generous mood today."
  • "You’re right, it was a bad idea."
  • “Could someone hand me a heavy, blunt object?”
  • “I’ve got a gun. It’s loaded. Any questions?”
  • “I… I think I killed someone.”
  • “Isn’t this how everyone in every horror movie has ever died?”
  • “So, we’re not going out to dinner?”
  • “So, what is this?”
  • “Something terrible happened here.”
  • “Stay here. We’ll order out, watch a movie, open a bottle of wine…”
  • “Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

Another night of nothing.